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Middle Eastern Dance Classes



Belly dance is a fascinating art form that started in the Middle East, but today it is performed all across the globe.

In this class students will learn fundamentals of belly dance, basic moves, postures, fun combos, shimmies, muscle control, isolations, and much more.

Through belly dance you can train muscles than no other activity can reach, strengthen your core, develop flexibility, achieve graceful and fluid body coordination, eliminate stress, lose weight, enhance teamwork skills and improve confidence and self-esteem.

Beyond Beginners

Beyond Beginners introduces more challenging isolations,  explores more complex-but still basic- bellydance movements. Refines, combines and layers the fundamentals from the previous level with shimmies, footwork, spins and dynamics. Continuing basic Arabic rhythms, Veil work and introduction to Folk dances. 


This level is  an overview of all the belly dance skills  you have learned so far.  Moves with complex dynamics, rhythms and music. Introduction to props such as Wings, Sword, Fan Veils, Double Veil, candle tray and Shamadan. 

This level is for a continuous development .

Upon completion of the Advanced level, students should be able to perform in a show. 

Malekat Bellydance

 Malekat (Arabic word which means Queens) is a movement created in 2019 by  Georgette, providing training to all levels students in Oriental Dance (raks sharki), folk and fusion, welcoming students from LA/OC area. Malekat has the  focused intention to inspire, build self confidence, exercise the body and create connections in a healthy environment.


Performance opportunities!!!

Classes on Wednesdays


Wednesday 7:30 pm - 8:30pm

For more information contact me

Malekat Bellydance

Malekat Bellydance

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